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Remember: this application is under development and not complete.
There may be features you would expect to have but cannot find in the interface.
Other items might be visible onscreen, but are not working in this version.
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Version Information:

"Prototype" version V5.5 (posted Jan 2, 2018)
Away3d version of software with enhanced performance and character depth layering.
Capability to create multiple accounts under one email.
Art library access filtering for beginners and civilians.
Prosthetics and text features are currently disabled.
Please clear your browser cache before launching application!

version V1.3 (posted Jan 7, 2016)
Programmer can now send a warning message prior to system shutdown for update
Panels can be deleted from Author Gallery
Female prosthetics have been updated

(posted June 23, 2015)
Clone tool now available in Creation Mode
Female character still has some bugs, but can be clothed and posed

"D1" (posted May 11, 2015)
"Take a Break" button works in Creation, Sequencing, and Story
Sequence and Story titles are editable in Author Gallery
Story titles appear in tab mouseover
Vehicles and Objects turn according to arrow button
Color palette now reflects colors used in assets